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If you're interested in partnering with an experienced contemporary service provider, one eager to serve you and share your commitment to filing the best applications possible, EPIC is your sole source solution. We provide answers and solutions designed to clear your docket quickly and with confidence.


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I began my patent draftsman career more than two decades ago moonlighting as a design patent "inker" for HASBRO Toy company in Pawtucket, RI.

Today, my studio provides professional patent drawing services to a variety of IP firms, in-house departments, and individual inventors nationwide.

We use contemporary tools and best-practice methods to create cost-effective patent drawings. We often leverage existing 3D engineering geometry, repurpose your digital or PDF files, trace photos, draw from sketches or scratch, and work from prints or products.

At my desk and at your service,

Michael (Mike) Maloney
President, EPIC Creative Services



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Establishing a business relationship with EPIC is easy. Just call or send us an email. Your request for service or additional information will be answered quickly and thoroughly.

Much of our business is conducted via email, UPS / FedEx, fax, phone and FTP. Drawings are delivered to you in PDF format with margin, font sizes and pen weights compliant with USPTO standards.

References and NDA available upon request.

Visit our Catalog of Samples to examples of our work.

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This pricing chart is indicates average costs per plate (sheet). These are reference prices to help you estimate costs. NTE (Not To Exceed) cost estimates are available from EPIC for your convenience. Estimates are prepared quickly and comprehensively. Fixed price quotations can be provided for clearly defined projects.

NTE (Not To Exceed) price quotations available for any project.


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Our terms are Less 3% 10 Days, NET 30.

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Michael J. Maloney
President, EPIC Creative Services
1075 Nalley Road
Rock Hill, SC  29732  USA